How To Get Facebook Long-Lived User Access Token? Step By Step Guide!

Facebook requires us to get a “long-lived user access token” to display “Facebook page reviews” on your website. Obtain a “long-lived user access token” by following the steps below.

How to get Facebook Long-Lived User Access Token?

  1. Create Facebook App ID. Skip this step if you got one.
  2. Get a short-lived user access token. Skip this step if you got one.
  3. Go to this link.
  4. Paste the “short-lived access token” in the input box.
  5. Click the “Debug” button.
  6. As you will see in the debug details, “short-lived access token” expires after few hours.
  7. To convert it to “long-lived access token”, click “Extend Access Token” button.
  8. Facebook will ask for your password, enter your password to continue.
  9. The generated characters is your “long-lived user access token”. Copy it.


User Access Tokens

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Thank you for following our tutorial about how to get Facebook long-lived user access token!

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