What is Custom Feed Limit?

When you use DSM, you can create, customize and embed different social media feeds on your website. For example, you created a “custom feed” for your Facebook page events. That means you created one custom feed.

If you want to create another custom feed for your website, for example, a custom Twitter feed. That is another “custom feed”. This time, you created two custom feeds already. One for your Facebook page events and one for Twitter feed.

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If you need to embed your YouTube channel videos on your website, you will create another custom feed. You have 3 custom feeds this time.

So, what is “custom feed limit”?

It is a limit to how many “custom feeds” you can create using your DSM account. If your custom feed limit is 15, it means you can create 15 custom social media feeds. You can use them all on a single website or 15 websites, one for each website. Or, 3 websites with 5 custom feeds for each website.