How to Embed Twitter Feed on Wix?

Today I’m going to teach you how to embed Twitter feed on your website. Click the play button below. Please watch it in HD and full screen.

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Need a step by step text guide?

We’ve broken down the steps for you into an easy-to-follow guide. The following steps are the text version of our video tutorial above.

  1. Create a free-trial SociableKIT account here and log in.
  2. Once logged in, click the “+ Create Solution” button.
  3. On the pop-up, name your custom Twitter feed.
  4. On the drop-down, select the “Twitter Feed” option.
  5. Enter your Twitter username, without the @ sign. For example: nba
  6. Click the “NEXT” button. This will show you the customization options.
  7. Click the “</> Embed On Website” button located on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  8. On the pop-up, copy the embed code by clicking the “Copy Code” button.
  9. Go back to the Wix editor.
  10. On the sidebar, click “Add”, click “More”, drag “Embed a Site” on your page.
  11. Click “Enter Website Address”, enter the link we just copied from SociableKIT, click the “Update” button.
  12. Adjust the size and position of the widget.
  13. Click the “Publish” button, click “View Site” and go to the page where you put the SociableKIT widget.
  14. Done!

Why use SociableKIT?

If you always use Twitter and you manage a related website, you know how tiring it is to post your update twice. One on Twitter. One on your website.

We hear you.

That’s why we created the SociableKIT.

Once you signed up (get started here), you’ll be able to post your Twitter update only once. One on Twitter.

The SociableKIT will display your Twitter account feed on your website automatically. You control its look & feel as well.

Avoid double duty. Work less and enjoy more of your time.

Make your website visitors enjoy Twitter feed on your website as well.

How to get a free access?

Click here to create your FREE SociableKIT account.

What customers say about us?

★★★★★ "SociableKIT has the best looking social media feeds and the most features. I tried so many other options and found SociableKIT Website Plugins the best. My web designer told me I could not do many of the things that I’m doing myself with SociableKIT!" ~ Khabir Southwick, Naturopath, MH, NT, CAS – Heal With Khabir

★★★★★ "Finding SociableKIT saved a huge amount of hours in a project to integrate social/web channels. Absolutely excellent support with quick responses and updates." ~ John Parker, Website Developer – Aura Entertainment

★★★★★ "Thank you!!! The SociableKIT website plugin is an incredibly simple, clean and easy solution for us." ~ John J. Janowski, PMP, Member – La Grange Citizens Council

Need SociableKIT support?

Do you have any related questions or suggestions? We are here to listen and act for you! There are three ways to contact us.

  1. Send an email to
  2. Send a message on our official Facebook page
  3. Use our live-chat box located on the lower right corner of this page.

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Thank You!

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DSM Version 3.4

Release Date: December 12, 2017

  • New feature: Facebook page events – show event image on calendar view, see Calendar tab > Show event image on calendar checkbox.
  • New feature: Facebook page reviews – show overall rating badge, see Profile tab > Show overall rating checkbox
  • New feature: Facebook page reviews – option to show “load more” button
  • New feature: Duplicate custom feed – useful if you want to design a custom feed based on existing feed.
  • New feature: Buy more custom feed page – useful if you want to increase the number of custom feeds you can create
  • Enhancement: Facebook page reviews – hide “load more” button if there’s no next page.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed – hide “load more” button if there’s no next page.
  • Enhancement: Affiliate links – changed format to track by JavaScript, not by redirect.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events – April 2018 calendar view is wrong when calendar starts on monday.
  • Fixed: Facebook page reviews – not clickable ‘like’ button when there’s no FB page username.
  • Fixed: Instagram hashtag feed – “load more” button not showing if there are less than 15 posts.
  • Fixed: YouTube channel feed – “load more” button not showing if the channel has very few videos.
  • Fixed: Typo error in email message when you try to purchase a DSM key.
  • Fixed: Check and removed duplicate affiliate accounts.
  • Fixed: Facebook page feed – bottom like button not working
  • Updated: Login page – become an affiliate link.
  • Updated: Earnings page now shows number of free trials made from your affiliate links.
  • Updated: Earnings page now has social share buttons for easy sharing of affiliate links.
  • Updated: Buy page – message if user has free trial account, he has to login before buying a key.

DSM Website of the week!

Our website of the week is:!

As the domain name implies, this website is about a band called Shoebox Money. Drawing equally from classic rock and blues as well as post garage rock revival and alt punk, these indie rockers produce theory driven music and put on high energy live shows.

I listend to several of their songs and I must say it’s great! I love rock music and their music feels like a new perspective. Give them a try! By the way, the amazing website was made by Wildman Web Solutions. Big thanks to Miles and his team for using DSM on their projects! used the following DSM custom feed solutions on their homepage.

DSM Version 3.3

Release Date: November 29, 2017

  • New solution: Customize and embed Medium Publication Feed on your website. See example. Available on the custom feed dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events– added Dutch translation for calendar.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – added “ATTACH” property with event image URL on the iCal feed.
  • Enhancement: Instagram Feed – info message if Instagram account does not exist.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed – info message if Facebook page is not public.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page reviews – info message if Facebook page access token is wrong.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page photo albums – info message if Facebook page username is wrong.
  • New feature: Facebook page events – “Show only future events on ICS file” option on “Calendar” tab.
  • New feature: Facebook page events – iCal feeds now working on Outlook calendar and Invision calendar.
  • New feature: Instagram multi-hashtag feed – show feed based on multiple hashtag word, for example: pinkhair,colorista
  • New feature: Instagram hashtag feed – multi-hashtag feed can block users by username instead of post owner ID.
  • New feature: Re-send DSM key – useful if you forgot your DSM key.
  • New feature: Facebook page feed, Instagram feed, Facebook page reviews – Option to force “One column layout” instead of masonry.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events – duplicate events on calendar view when multiple Facebook page has the same events.
  • Fixed: Instagram hashtag feed – selected font not applied on pop up description.
  • Fixed: YouTube playlist feed – custom CSS not working.
  • Updated: Several updates on admin section to serve you better – customer management system, stats, etc.
  • Updated: Upgrading from free trial – automatically use the same key and custom feeds after upgrade.
  • Updated: Login page links – resend DSM key, start free-trial, buy DSM key links.
  • Updated: Solutions page.

DSM Website of the week!

Our website of the week is:!

This website is about Khabir Southwick who has helped thousands of people to naturally overcome a wide range of health conditions and improve their physical and mental well-being. used several DSM custom feed solutions and you can see it in these pages on his website:

DSM Version 3.2

Release Date: November 16, 2017

  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – UTC dates in iCal feeds, calendar apps can adjust the date and time more accuarately based on user’s timezone.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – you can ‘Add to page’ an event from another Facebook page. You don’t have to be a co-host to show it on your website.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – show error message if Facebook page is not public.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – removed “end of posts” text. If “load more” button is gone, it means there are no posts to load.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – remove @ sign when Facebook page has no username.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – clickable link on bio and video description on pop up.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page videos – Facebook options on video pop up.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed, Twitter feed, Facebook page reviews – increased padding for each post to be more readable.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page feed – playable YouTube video, no need to go to YouTube to play the video.
  • Enhancement: Instagram hashtag feed – info message if hashtag word does not have posts.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page photo album – info message if Facebook page is not public.
  • Enhancement: YouTube channel – info message if YouTube channel does not exist.
  • Enhancement: YouTube playlist – info message if YouTube playlist does not exist.
  • New Feature: Instagram feed – option to show or hide post hover. See “Posts” tab > “Show post hover” checkbox
  • New Feature: Facebook page events – calendar Danish translation
  • New Feature: Dropdown option to show your custom feed list by type. See the option near “Create custom feed” button.
  • Fixed: Instagram hashtag feed – post pop up next and previous buttons is not circle on some websites.
  • Fixed: YouTube channel feed, Facebook page video – video title on pop up has incorrect line height.
  • Fixed: Facebook page videos – like button not working when Facebook page has no username.
  • Fixed: Facebook page videos – custom CSS not working

DSM Website of the week!

Our website of the week is:!

This website is about living the mobile lifestyle in various converted vans and RV’s. I personally think Justin’s lifestyle is cool. I want to experience living in an RV even for a few days. 🙂 used several DSM custom feed solutions, including: YouTube channel feed, Facebook page feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feed.

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