DSM Version 3.5

Release Date: January 3, 2018

  • New feature: Facebook page events – select month and year in calendar view.
  • Enhancement: Facebook page events – larger Facebook page ID field. Useful for adding multiple page IDs.
  • Enhancement: Instagram hashtag feed – make DSM work with the latest Instagram hashtag feed API.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events – export calendar ICS file link not visible on dark-themed websites.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events – new export calendar instruction because of new Google calendar interface.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events – calendar view not loading if one page ID is wrong.
  • Fixed: Facebook page reviews – the “load more” button is showing even if there’s no next page.
  • Fixed: Twitter feed – feed not loading if Twitter profile has no website.
  • Fixed: Twitter feed – the “load more” button is showing even if there’s no next page.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events to Google calendar – events not showing on day 27th.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events to Google calendar – message for free trial users not showing.
  • Fixed: Facebook page events to Google calendar – added instructions on the dashboard.
  • Updated: DSM Development page – added DSM version 3.2 to 3.5.

DSM Website of the week!

Announcement: DSM Website Plugins is now called SociableKIT! We have not yet updated some of our video tutorials to sociablekit.com but the app is the same when you land in sociablekit.com website. Please read the announcement, login here or get a free access here.

Our website of the week is: leestavall.com!

Leesta Vall Sound Recordings is a niche record label based in Brooklyn, NY. Their limited edition lathe cut record releases are made on modified vintage record cutting lathes.

Each record is handmade, one at a time, in real time, by a real person. Pretty cool to me! Big thanks to Aaron Zimmer, the founder and his team for choosing to use DSM on their website!

leestavall.com used the following DSM custom feed solutions, see it live in action:

Re-branding DSM Website Plugins

These past couple of weeks, my team and I were planning to re-brand DSM Website Plugins. DSM stands for “Display Social Media” as seen on our website URL. 

Originally, DSM was meant to help users customize and embed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds only. These are the biggest “Social Media Networking” websites. That’s why we chose “Display Social Media” as its name.

But over the years, DSM grew with more features and it will continue to grow with scope outside “Social Media Networking” websites. We believe this will help you save money and enjoy more plugins that might be useful for your business or projects.

We will have features to customize and embed RSS feeds and other sources not considered as social media websites. We will also have customized Facebook live chat, contact forms, promo bars, slide boxes, notification box, easy pop ups and more.

With that said, the “Display Social Media” brand no longer reflect who we are and who we will be. We haven’t come up with a new official name yet but we’ll let you know! If you have ideas, please reply to this email.

You are our boss. Your comments, feature requests and suggestions will continue to make our product better. Through our software, we want to help make your websites more sociable through customized representation of contents and website functionality.

For those who will ask about existing custom feeds: Yes, your custom feeds will continue to work even after we changed our brand or website URL. You don’t have to do anything.