DSM Version 1.4

Release Date: Dec 15, 2016

We just added a new DSM feature where you can use a JavaScript widget instead of an iFrame.

Announcement: DSM Website Plugins is now called SociableKIT! We have not yet updated some of our video tutorials to sociablekit.com but the app is the same when you land in sociablekit.com website. Please read the announcement, login here or get a free access here.

This should remove the scrollbar caused by the iFrame. This will put the ‘event more details’ on a pop up instead of appearing below the event item.

You might want to try it by logging in to the DSM dashboard > Edit > Get Code > JavaScript Widget > Copy Code > Paste code to your website.

This is the first version of our JavaScript widget so some features might be missing like the calendar view. We are currently working on it.

This feature is currently available for custom Facebook events feed only. We are working hard to apply the same to Facebook photos and other social media feeds.

Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or if you encountered any issues.