How to Find Facebook Page ID? Step By Step Guide!

How to Find Facebook Page ID?

  1. Go to your Facebook page on the browser.
  2. Click the “About” tab on the left side.
  3. Find “Page ID” field. The numeric value is your Facebook page ID.
  4. Or, if you don’t own the page, find the messenger username.
  5. Messenger username is equivalent to Facebook page ID.

Important Note: A “Facebook Page” is different from a “Personal Facebook Account” or “Facebook Group”.

A “Facebook Page” is considered as “Facebook Business Page” while a “Personal Facebook Account” is the one you probably use everyday, the one you use to connect or chat with friends.

So, if you choose DSM’s “Facebook Page” feature, make sure you are using a Facebook page and not a “Personal Facebook Account” and not a “Facebook Group”.

Learn more about Facebook pages here. If you need to set up your Facebook page, do it here.


How to find my Facebook Page ID?

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