How To Use DSM in WordPress? Step By Step Guide!

To display custom feed on your your website, you have to use the “embed code” generated by DSM. This embed code is a small JavaScript code that you have to put on your website. Today I am going to teach you how to embed JavaScript in WordPress page or post.

On WordPress, you can put this embed code by simply:

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  1. Creating or editing a page or post.
  2. Select “Text” tab on the editor
  3. Paste the embed code from DSM
  4. Click “Publish” or “Save Changes” button.

But for some cases, WordPress users don’t want to select the “Text” tab every time because the page has other contents that they want to edit in “Visual” tab mode.

If you have the same situation, you can use the DSM embed code this way:

  1. Install & Activate the Shortcoder WordPress Plugin.
  2. Go to Settings > Shortcoder
  3. Click “Create a new shortcode” button.
  4. Enter shortcode name, for example: Facebook Page Events On Website
  5. On the upper right corner of the editor, make sure you click the “Text” tab.
  6. Paste the embed code from DSM
  7. Click “Create Shortcode” button.
  8. Go to Settings > Shortcoder again.
  9. Find the Shortcode you created and click the “<>” button to copy your shortcode.
  10. Paste the shortcode on your page or post. Click “Publish” or “Save Changes” button.

This way, you don’t have to select the “Text” tab every time you edit your page or post. Let the Shortcoder plugin deal with that.

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Thank you for following our tutorial about how to embed JavaScript in WordPress page or post!