DSM Version 1.9

Release Date: May 26, 2017

Hello Guys,

Announcement: DSM Website Plugins is now called SociableKIT! We have not yet updated some of our video tutorials to sociablekit.com but the app is the same when you land in sociablekit.com website. Please read the announcement, login here or get a free access here.

How are you?

We have several updates on the DSM Facebook Page Events feature:

  • Option to start calendar view on Monday.
  • Clickable single events in calendar view. if date was clicked, it can show multiple events in pop up.
  • Dynamic Google Maps in pop up so users can zoom in / out, satellite view, street view and more.
  • Option to display “Export Calendar” button so users can download your events and import to compatible apps such as Google calendar.
  • Option to “Show full image” instead of cropped image. Full width image shown in pop up as well.
  • Option to hide icons.
  • Option to change language of Calendar. This will change month names and day names only.

We have a new feature as well! You can now: Customize & Embed YouTube Channel Videos On Website.

Let me know if you have any questions about these updates. Thank you for supporting the DSM Website Plugins!