What is Custom Feed Limit?

When you use DSM, you can create, customize and embed different social media feeds on your website. For example, you created a “custom feed” for your Facebook page events. That means you created one custom feed.

DSM Version 1.2

Release Date: October 12, 2015 I’m not giving up on this project. I believe it has a potential to help a lot of people especially small business owners. My current challenge is to make a fully JavaScript widget to display social media feeds. Currently, we use iFrame embed code only. Kinda like how YouTube does… Continue reading DSM Version 1.2

DSM Version 1.1

Release Date: April 30, 2015 It’s been months since I bought the displaysocialmedia.com domain. I’m happy to tell you that I’ve made some progress. Now you can customize and embed Facebook page events on your website. You can learn how to use our app here. Progress is slow because I’m not yet focused on this… Continue reading DSM Version 1.1

DSM Version 1.0

Release Date: October 27, 2014 Hi there, I’m Mike Dalisay! I bought a domain displaysocialmedia.com from GoDaddy today. I believe I can build a hosted solution for customizing and displaying social media feeds on websites. Many people who are non-coders need this solution. I based this conclusion on the feedback I received on my codeofaninja.com… Continue reading DSM Version 1.0